Dust Boot Replacement


New upper and lower dust boots are included with a new set of Moog upper and lower ball joints, but they are not available as separate items. The Moog boots are rubber, and from my experience, not very durable.There is now an aftermarket supplier for new dust boots made of polyurethane, which is much tougher and should be longer lasting than rubber. Unfortunately replacing the boots means disassembling a good part of the front suspension, but the ball joints themselves don’t need to come out. Most everyone knows how to replace a ball joint, so I’ll just touch on the highlights to show the new boots.

The supplier is Energy Suspension Parts out of Modesto, California and they are very accommodating and friendly folks - I dealt with Bruce, who couldn’t have been more helpful. My order was shipped the same day that it was placed, and the boots were only $2.00 each! I highly recommend these boots and Energy Suspension Products.


Replacing broken ball joint dust boots.