Alternator Details II



1963 marked the introduction of the alternator to the Thunderbird charging system. Ford engineers gave their new alternator no fewer than four different shields to prevent potential moisture problems. They either had lots of initial moisture issues with the new system on the ‘63 or they were just overly cautious; in the 1964 model year Ford dropped three of the four alternator shields, and in 1965 all the shields were dropped and the connectors were sealed with small rubber boots.

I have finally reproduced the ‘63-’64 style alternator boot, Ford Part # C3SZ 10317-C, and detailed photos of the new boot and its installation are included on this page. These boots are now available and for sale to the Thunderbird community for 49.95 each plus actual shipping cost of 4.85 via USPS Priority Mail. Email me using the link on this page if you would like to order.

Additionally, I will email to you a free copy of the PDF file for the ’63 alternator part number stamp with each boot order. You can have the stamp made locally at your local office supply store by using this file.

I now have a limited quantity of these boots in stock for immediate delivery. Parts trades will also be considered - let me know what you have.

more details of the complicated ’63 alternator moisture shield set-up.

Ordering information for the new Reproduction ‘63-’64 Style Alternator Boot, plus